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e.clec.tic adj. 1. Choosing what appears to be the best from diverse sources, systems, or styles.

Mission Statement for Eclectic Mix

Eclectic Mix is a music podcast that offers the best from a mixture of musical styles.
The work-safe music on Eclectic Mix is not married to a specific genre. Be it jazz, classical, folk, alternative, whatever, if the music is exceptional, then it will be offered.

Eclectic Mix is about the music and the musicians.
To this end, this podcast offers a minimum of talking and gives the spotlight to the performers. A single individual or group will be highlighted during each show so that the listener can absorb what is offered.

Open Your Mind!
It is the intention of Eclectic Mix to seek out a diversity of musical types, so that the listener has a chance to experience music they have not heard before. By opening one's mind, the possibility of a wider range of enjoyment is possible.

This show is created under a Creative Commons License
This show is created under an attribution, noncommercial, no derivative, Creative Commons License.

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