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Creating The Digital Negative
Digital negatives allow one to use the best of both worlds of analog and digital photography. Creating a digital negative should not be a mystery. With the most basic knowledge of Photoshop, anyone can learn a repeatable process that will allow a streamlining of work within the darkroom, utilizing the advantages of digital photography.
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Power Point Presentation Video of the presentation

Why Monochrome?
A presentation given to the Creative Photography Society about why one should consider the conversion of a color image to monochrome.

The Extras
The Extras refers to those individuals who play such roles in the movie of my life.

How I Coat Silver Gelatin Emulsion Affordably
Coating silver gelatin emulsion evenly and consistently can be done through the use of tools that will set one back only about $25.

Papers For The Bromoil Process
Despite the loss of some classic papers, there are still a number of excellent papers that can be employed by the current day Bromoil printer.

Over the years I have created a number of videos highlighting my work.

From The Street
A series of articles about street photography I wrote for the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club.

Jon Mided's Massive B&W Film And Developer Combinations List
This document provides full details to help you understand and interpret the data, as well as explanations and answers to frequently asked questions.

Chris Johnson's Film Development Information
Comprehensive developer and processing notes.

By William Bascom

The Components Of Photographic Materials
There are numerous substances that are altered by the action of light. We see this when leaving certain objects in the sunlight for extended periods of time, resulting in color fading or alteration. However, photographers need to employ a substance that changes more quickly to light. The salts of silver have been the mainstay of this process for over one hundred years.

Telephoto Lens for About $1 by Bill Seelig
One of the world's top camera makers of today has an 800mm lens with a list price of $13,999. I looked over this state of affairs and decided to make a telephoto lens for an out-of-pocket cost of approximately $1!

How to Photograph Fireworks by Scott Umstattd
Many people think that photographing fireworks is hard, but itís not. Everything that goes into making a powerful picture applies when taking pictures of fireworks.