HandMade Photographic Images


Pinhole Images

Annapolis DockThere is something about pinhole that is special. Very simply, a pinhole image is made by allowing light to enter the camera through a pinhole, instead of a lens. The result is an image that is not as sharp as that formed by a lens, but one with infinite depth of field and a greater ability for interpretation. Pinhole camera can be commercially purchased or made at home, with materials as simple as a film cannister or foam core.

Pinhole Blender Images

Looking OutPinhole Blender camera is the creation of Chris Peregoy. The circular camera has multiple pinholes around the circumference. This results in the blending of several images onto a single frame of film. The exposure through each pinhole can be performed at once or at different times, allowing the blending of remote subjects.

Pinhole Sieve Images

SievePinhole sieve images are made through the use of a specially made pinhole that is composed of numerous pinholes. The most common pinhole sieve contains a pinhole in the center, surrounded by increasingly smaller pinholes as the distance from the center increases. A more ethereal image is produced, and specular reflections can become truly interesting.

Zone Plate Images

DockZone plate images are formed similarly to pinhole sieve images in that the pinhole is not a single hole. In this case, the pinhole is surrounded by numerous rings, decreasing in width as they move away from the center, that allow the entry of light into the camera.



Pinhole Cameras


Pinhole Blender

Pinhole Sieve

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